Customer Testimonials

Rich puts his customers first. I’ve worked with him before behind the scenes, and let me tell you, he’s not only honest when you’re in his store, but also when you’re not and you’re computer is – Kyle

Rich was awesome put in a new screen in my laptop and looks even better. Would never know it ever got broke thanks Rich – David

If you need something fixed, even if it is not a computer, CPR is where I would go! The man in charge can do it all! Just try him! Give them a CHALLENGE – Mandy

I have used this place a few times so far. On both a personal and professional level. Rich is very skilled at his career and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Thanks Rich... – Karen

Great Place 2 go if you are in the Batavia, NY area for computer or phone repairs – Audrey

If you have a computer issue and want fast friendly expert service this is the place to go – Jeff

My computer was down, I brought it in to CPR they had it fixed in under 10 minutes. Highly recommended, Great prices great service! – Frankly Design

I rely on Rich & CPR for my computer fixes & needs. He has always come through for Foxprowl Collectables, with amazing speed & incredible pricing! I feel more secure in my business knowing Rich is “my computer guy”, & he has proven he will come through every time! – Foxprowl Collectables

Rich has been taking care of all of our computer needs for years now. A pleasure to deal with and very knowledgable. Looking forward to a continuing relationship with him and his company. Thank you Rich for all you do.. – Toyota of Batavia

These guys know how to fix a computer right the first time! Would recommend everyone go here for your computer needs! – Pink Gorilla Tee’s & Graphics

Very Honest, Great Service, wouldn’t go anywhere else! – Anonymous

This is seriously the ONLY spot to go for all your computer needs not only are the prices the best around the service is awesome! they were amazing on how fast and reliable their customer service was… i had a problem and it was fixed within 24hr… i would def suggest anyone to go there. – Kevin

my wife had her computer worked on and was very happy with the results. For a Christmas gift we took my computer in. It was super slow and had other problems. Rich took the time to discuss things with me and explain things to me. The price was more than reasonable and I can use my computer now it works great. I would highly recommend cpr ( computer and phone repair ) to anyone. Very pleased with the service and Rich and his staff. – Clifford

Let me start by saying WOW Rich at CPR is someone who generally cares about your problems at hand. At CPR I didn’t just feel like o gosh here is another bill. I actually learned a lot from Rich and could understand the stuff he explains unlike most tech places its a foreign language. I will be going back again without a doubt. Rich had my laptop up and running after months of it not working at all. At CPR I felt like I received professional service and got the job done quick. In my opinion by far the best computer shop I have ever been to. – Brandon

Good Honest Service for probably the most reasonable fee that you will be able to find. I’ve known and worked with Rich for over a decade and I’ve trusted him with my computer repairs and Tech support needs . He has always been there with the solutions . I have always recommended him to friends and family because I truly believe he’s the right man for the job and if he isn’t he will be the first to tell you. – Jeff

One of the best computer places in town for a reasonable price! Plus, he is always there to help you with your computer and phone problems. He definitely has helped me a lot and I’ll only go to him from now on no one else! Thanks a lot Rich!! 🙂 – Molly

I have to say I had a lot of issues with my laptop and had a few different people look at it finally before throwing it in the garbage I took it to Rich over at CPR (computer and phone repair) and he had it back to me within a day all fixed and he even updated the software for me it runs faster and more efficient than ever ….I strongly recommend to take your computer there!!!!! – Josh

Great local shop! Rich is fair and honest, and works with you to ensure you get what you need done within your budget. He goes the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction with his service. Best computer service I have found in Batavia, let alone Genesee and surrounding counties. – Jason




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